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about WEAVR

Life is about stories

For as long as humans have walked the earth they have been creating stories, starting with early cave paintings to the invention of bookbinding and paintings, to Polaroids and TV, and finally the internet and mobile. Now that Virtual and Augmented Reality wave is well underway, it is time to rethink how we tell and share our stories. WEAVR is on a mission to change the way we tell stories using Virtual Reality.

Meet the team


Miguel Rodriguez
CEO & Founder

Glenn Moris
Chief Designer

Fred Valenzuela

Enrique Robledo
Lead VR Developer

Rolf Hirschi
Business Development



Bizspark plus program with grant for azure resources

Sponsor partner in the Swiss Startup Alliance. Using our application in house

Successfully completed the Summer 2016 batch of the Swiss Startup Accelerator program

Partnership with San Francisco based Datalog for Deep Learning algorithm creation

Technological cooperation with Zürich based Bitforge specialized in Virtual and Augmented reality applications.