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Why Use VR for your Business

The 4th Platform Wave


Virtual Reality is the next great platform wave after Mobile, Internet and PC’s. It will change how businesses promote and interact with their customers. Virtual Reality is the first truly immersive medium that gives users a “you are there” experience. 360 Photos and Videos enhance the customer experience by showing products in the best possible way.


Basel is Diverse - Inspirational - Rich in variety - Creative - Passionate - Contemporary - An all-round great product that always has to be rediscovered! Weavr's virtual reality tours in the city help us present the city in a slightly different way For everyone to experience - so you always discover something new!

Mathias Böhm, Basel Pro Innerstadt

Mathias Böhm

Pro Innerstadt Basel

Goldbach Group selected the WEAVR white label solution for our new VR lounge because it allows us a novel way to present our company and solutions to our customers and partners.


Martin Radelfinger

Goldbach Group